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  • Spelling and vocabulary practice in English and Spanish.
  • Multiple types of activities that focus on spelling, phonics, and vocabulary.
  • The activity packs can be used with native speakers or second language learners.
  • Learn how to pronounce the words using the online Text-to-Speech tool.

From Kinder to 3rd grade (and above)

For studentsThe activity packs contain activities with different formats and levels of complexity, to meet all needs. Some activity packs can be used with younger students, while other packs are designed to meet older students’ needs. Some of the activities can be used both as practice and as assessment, while other activities are specifically designed for this purpose. Stem and sample sentences are provided for each word so students can put them in context when they practice.

Differentiation is a priority

Activity sheetA wide variety of activities is included in each activity pack allowing to differentiate instruction for your students. The activities are sequenced, from the foundations of writing to higher level writing projects, putting the focus of your spelling class in the daily practice.

Interactive Activities

Interactive activitiesThe interactive activities can read the words and sentences for you or your students. The words can be read, identified, and learned also online. The students know and analyze what they are learning and can also check the pronunciation of each word.

Multi-Platform Support

Multiplatform iconThe online tools work on any device. An Internet connection and an updated web browser are required to access the web application.